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I’m a huge fan of Amazon. Although there are several reasons behind this, I’m only going to cover a few in this post.

Have you ever sold stuff on Amazon?

My selling experience on Amazon has always been fantastic. I’ve bought several books on Amazon and sold them on nearly the price I bought them at. I’ve sold tablets on Amazon on 85% of the original purchase price. Although their seller fee is a bit higher than e-bay, I think it’s totally worth it. Things usually get sold on Amazon pretty fast. A technique is to list your item at the highest price you’re willing to sell your item at. If your item gets sold, great… If not, try to lower your price slowly. A lot of price conscious buyers, when shopping on portals like Amazon, mostly sort their list based on the lowest to highest price. A time will come when your item will catch attention of that price conscious buyer group.

Maintaining a good history with Amazon is also very important. You’ll get a 100% rating when you start off. Try to maintain this rating by providing an expedited shipping, emailing a thank you note to the buyer when your item is sold, requesting the buyer to leave a positive feedback after the item is delivered etc.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is perhaps one of the best programs not just on Amazon, but among all other online retailers. First of all, Amazon Prime members get FREE two-day shipping on millions of items. Members get unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows. You can read free books each month through Kindle First and the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library. You can also get a 30-day free trial and can cancel anytime.

Amazon Student

If you are a student, you get Amazon Prime free for 6 months. After 6 months, you get 50% off the usual Amazon Prime price of $79 per year. There are deals and promotions exclusively for students. You can also get $10 free credit when you refer a friend. You also get free kindle books to read. Not a student anymore? Do you have an old student email ID stored somewhere? ;)

Amazon Mom

First of all, you don’t have to be a mom to join Amazon Mom. Dads can join too 

Jokes apart, what’s the maximum discount you get on diapers right now from the place you shop for diapers? As far as I’m concerned, I used to get the maximum discount from Costco. The usual price of a 180-piece Huggies or Kirkland diapers pack is around $43 in the market. Costco sells it for around $39. Amazon Mom sells it for $34 (even less sometimes). You want more? I got this email from Amazon that if you’re an Amazon Prime member and you join Amazon Mom (which is free for Prime Members), we’ll give you a $25 credit on your first diaper purchase. So the $43 diaper pack cost me $9 for the first time.

Back to the point, Amazon Mom members get 20% off diapers and wipes, 20% off other family essentials, free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime, 30-day trial of Prime Instant Video, plus expecting members receive a 15% baby registry completion discount.


In addition to all the awesome products, promotions and features Amazon offers, I love their business model in general. They are the world’s largest online retailer, selling books, DVDs, software, video games, electronics, apparel, furniture, food, toys, jewelry etc. They are even replacing the need of wholesale stores like Costco and Sam’s Club. Literally, a lot of people do their monthly grocery shopping on Amazon. Above all, their customer service representatives are extremely friendly and cooperative.

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