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BlueBird is a card offered jointly by American Express and Walmart. You deposit funds in to your BlueBird account which you can use to pay bills. There is a user-friendly website and a smartphone app available.

How can you get BlueBird card?


You can go to Walmart and ask the Customer Service that you would like to get a BlueBird card. It will cost around $5. However, I think this $5 is a waste of money. Go to the BlueBird’s official website ( and click on Register Now. Follow the on-screen instructions to get your free BlueBird card in the mail. This will save you $5.
This is how a BlueBird card looks like:


Why BlueBird?


There are lots of aspects of BlueBird, but the sole reason I’ve included it in my blog is to make my readers aware about the doors which BlueBird opens to generate hundreds of thousands of airline miles, hotel points and cash back.


The next question is, how are the miles/points/cash back generated:


Basically, there are some prepaid cards available out there which you can purchase using your “points earning credit cards”. Following are those prepaid cards along with their fees:



Where to get these Prepaid Cards:


You can get Vanilla Reloads at any CVS location. The good news is, CVS allows you to purchase these cards on a credit card. Vanilla Reloads are also available at Walgreens, 7-11 Gas Stations etc but not everyone will allow purchasing these on a credit card.


It is important to mention here that you get easily get confused on what a Vanilla Reload Card is. Here’s how it’s front and back sides look:






It is also worth mentioning that not all prepaid cards are supported by BlueBirds. Good news is, most of the Visa Debit/Gift Cards & Master Debit/Gift Cards are supported. Recently, a law has been passed which require most of the Visa Debit & Master Debit Cards to offer a 4-digit pin.


There’s no rule of thumb for Vanilla Reloads. They are the cheapest cards supported by BlueBird. However, there’s an important rule of thumb for the Visa & Master Cards: You should get the pin-enabled cards. Here’s how some of the pin-enabled cards look like:






What’s Next?


So after buying these prepaid cards, you can load them in to your BlueBird card. Here’s how you do that:


1) Vanilla Reloads


Scratch off the card for the pin. Go to the Vanilla Reload official website Enter the pin in the box at the top left corner of the website:


Click on Continue & then follow the steps. It will then ask you to enter your BlueBird card number. After you will continue, it will confirm you that the amount has been uploaded in to the BlueBird. It is all a real-time process so you can log on to your BlueBird account and see the amount right away.


2) Visa Debit/Gift Cards


There are different kinds of pin-enabled Visa Debit/Gift cards available out there. For the cards offered by MetaBank (see the back of the card for the issuer name), the last four digits of the card are the Pin. For the cards issued by U.S. Bank, you’ll need to call the number on the card to set-up the Pin.

After setting up the pin, head to any Walmart store. There are two options to load these cards in Walmart.

a) Money Center Machine (Kiosk)
The process is self-explantory. Just select BlueBird and follow the on-screen instructions.

b) Customer Service / Cash Registers
Just hand over your BlueBird card to the cashier and tell him or her that you want to load funds in to your BlueBird account. Tell them that you will use a debit card (don’t say you’ll use a Gift Card, we’ll come to this point later). The cashier will ask you the amount and then ask you to swipe your card. Swipe your card and enter the pin. Congratulations, the funds have been loaded to your BlueBird.
The reason why I said you shouldn’t use the word “Gift Card” is that, many of the Walmart Associates and cashiers don’t know that technically there’s no difference between a Gift Card & a Debit Card. Both are prepaid and both have Pins.


Final Step


Just log on to your BlueBird account and pay your credit card bill using the same funds that you loaded into your BlueBird account.
So you may ask, what’s the outcome? Here’s an analysis of what you just did:


1) Buying a $500 Vanilla Reload Card


Buy a $500 Vanilla Reload Card


Vanilla Reload Fee




After paying the $500 Credit Card bill through BlueBird, here’s how much you generated using your credit card:


Cash Back Generated using a:
2% Cash Back Card


5% Cash Back Card


After the $3.95 Vanilla Reload Fee, here’s the Net Profit calculation:


2% Cash Back Card


5% Cash Back Card



2) Buying a $500 Visa or Master Card


Buy a $500 Visa Gift Card


Visa Gift Card Fee




After paying the $500 Credit Card bill through BlueBird, here’s how much you generated using your credit card:


Cash Back Generated using a:
2% Cash Back Card


5% Cash Back Card


After the $5.95 Visa Gift Card Fee, here’s the Net Profit calculation:


2% Cash Back Card


5% Cash Back Card




This process is also called Manufactured Spending. It consists of using a points earning credit card to buy certain prepaid or reloadable cards and using those funds to pay the same credit card bill. We can summarize the article in to the following steps:

1) Get a BlueBird Card

2) Buy Vanilla Reloads at a CVS using a high cash back or points earning Credit Card

3) Alternatively, get a Visa or Master Debit/Gift Card using a high cash back or points earning Credit Card

4) Load funds into your BlueBird account by either using Vanilla Reload website (for Vanilla Reloads) or going to Walmart (for unloading Visa or Master Cards)

5) Pay bills through the BlueBird website

6) Repeat

7) Profit

You can load up to $5000 monthly in to a BlueBird account. If you can get convince your spouse to get a BlueBird card as well, you can essentially Manufacture Spend $10,000 a month.

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