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The No. 1 Credit Card in the U.S. Right Now

The No. 1 Credit Card in the U.S. Right Now

Discover is undoubtedly the No. 1 credit card in the United States as of now, thanks to its double cash back promotion.


Before the double cash back promotion, here’s how its reward structured looked like:


– 1% unlimited cashback on every purchase

– 5% quarterly category cashback (on up to $1,500 spend i.e. $75 total cash back per quarter)

– Discover Deals (Discover cash back portal) – the highest paying portal right now


Double Cash Back Promotion

The double cash back promotion says that Discover will “double” all the cash back that you earn within the next year. The credit will post after the 12th statement cycle. For e.g. you earn $1,000 cashback during the next year. Discover promises to add $1,000 to make it $2,000 total.



Discover Deals pay 10% cash back for Macy’s and Sears purchases right now. Also, the category for the current quarter is departmental store. This means an additional 5% on top of that.


The Double Cash Back promotion will double it, means 2 * (15% + 5%) = 30%. So you’re essentially getting 30% cash back for Macy’s and Sears. Not bad, right?


Not only this, but Discover Deals currently pay 5% cash back on Apple. This means it will be doubled at the end of year, to become 10%. At least I don’t know any other place that pays 10% cash back on Apple products.


Finally, on all other purchases, since Discover pays 1% unlimited, it will also be doubled to become 2%. Discover is currently one of the very few cards in the market that pays unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase.


If you want to sign up for Discover card, click on the following link. Both of us will get $50 sign up bonus if you’re approved.


Link for Discover Card

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